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Breathwork, healing the sexual energies & legs for health and transcendence part 2

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00:00 Breathwork and healing the sexual energies/organs and legs for health and transcendence.

15:40 Learn Holographic breathing.

35:30 Talk + guided meditation – sexual energies, legs, kundalini, and channeling.

55:40 – Anatomy and energy points.

1:02:40 – Guided meditation.

We will be working with the sexual organs and energies and their connection to the legs, brain, and higher self.

In holographic breathing, there are 6 energy systems that we work with, and we will be looking at how all of these systems have origins in the pelvis and the different sexual organs.

We will also be looking at how the energies from these release through the whole body for healing and transcendence.

This webinar is great for helping to heal the genitalia or pelvis and also for increasing the vitality. Sometimes illness, trauma or just holding down the energies in this area can be accompanied with a disconnect or holding in the legs and groin. Learning how the energies of these organs and pelvis connect to the energies of the legs allows this connection to open.

Sometimes these can just be learned patterns for containing the energies in that area and just by making the re-connections opens up the area and increases the vitality.

Opening up this energy through the legs also gives a way of grounding and connecting to the Earth and Universal energies.

For free webinars and video tutorials click on this link – https://www.holographic-breathing.com/1/index.php/free-webinars-meditations for advanced webinars click on this link – https://www.holographic-breathing.com/1/index.php/webinars


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