Author: NaturSpezl

Welcome to Bavaria's nature, your sanctuary for relaxation and peace. My name is Niels Roschek and as passionate videographer, professional audio engineer and NatureSpezl (Bavarian for nature friend) I invite you to embark on a soothing journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Bavaria. Discover calming places that provide instant stress relief, serene atmospheres for study or work and tranquil soundscapes for deep relaxation, meditation and restful sleep. Unwind amidst the environments of rolling mountains, lush forests, pristine lakes, babbling rivers and more. Each video is designed to offer you a holistic healing experience - cleansing your mind, rejuvenating your body and nourishing your soul. From insomnia aid to anxiety relief, these videos aim to be your go-to resource for tranquility. All video content is original, carefully crafted to provide you with the calming sanctuary you deserve. Breathe in the beauty, breathe out the stress. Welcome home to Bavaria’s nature!