30+ Cat Trivia Questions For Pet Owners And Lovers ( Part #1 )

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If you’re a cat owner or lover, you know how cute these creatures are. But how much do you really know about their history or the way their body works? Here is 30 cat trivia questions that just might stump you. You could learn something new about your furry friend today, so pay close attention and leave us a comment!

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    What do cats have on their front legs, but not on their hind legs?

    • A dewclaw.
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    Why do cats lick themselves?

    • They lick for comfort, to reduce body odor so they won’t be detected by predators, to evenly distributed natural oils, to stimulate blood flow, and to keep wounds clean.
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    What is a group of cats called?

    • They are called a clowder.
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    True or false: Cats communicate with other cats via meowing?

    • This statement is false.
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    What is the average life span of an indoor, domesticated cat?

    • Indoor cats have an average life span of 12 to 18 years.
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    How many times are cats mentioned in the Hebrew Bible?

    • Cats are never mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.
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    How many feet can a cat jump on average?

    • Cats can jump four to five feet.
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    How fast can domesticated cats run?

    • They can run 30 miles per.
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    What is the name of Homer Simpson’s cat?

    • Their cat’s name is Snowball.
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    What breed of cat has individual hairs banded with different colors?

    • The Abyssinian has hairs with different colors.
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    What cat has fur so dense you can draw patterns in its coat?

    • A Russian Blue has dense fur.
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    What is it called when a cat kneads the ground?

    • This is called snurgling.
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    What percentage of a cat’s bones are in its tail?

    • 10% of a cat’s bones are in its tail.
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    What kind of cat did surrealist painter Salvador Dalí keep as a pet?

    • A Colombian ocelot named Babou was his pet.
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    What breed of cat is known for its “owl-like” appearance?

    • The Scottish Fold has an owl-like appearance.
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    How many hairs does a cat have per square inch on its belly?

    • 120,000 hairs are on its belly.
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    Tabby cats are named after a neighborhood in what city?

    • They are named after a city in Baghdad.
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    What Cat Goddess did ancient Egyptians worship?

    • They worshipped Bastet.
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    How many teeth does an adult cat have?

    • Adult cats have 30 teeth.
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    What was the name of the first cloned cat?

    • The name of this cat was CC, for “CopyCat” or “Carbon Copy”.
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    Where does a cat get its personality from?

    • he majority of a cat’s personality comes from the DNA of its parents (about 75%) and is also learned behavior and experiences in their early life (about 25%).
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    If your cat’s tail forms the shape of a question mark, what does it mean?

    • Answer: that your feline friend is in a playful mood.
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    Why do cats sleep on their owner's clothes or pillows?

    • Answer: because they like your smell.
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    Which country has the largest population of cats?

    • Answer: twenty-five percent of the total cat population is in the United States.
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    Why does a cat’s eyes shine in the dark?

    • Answer: a cat’s eyes reflect light, making them shine in the dark.
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    What is unusual about white cats with blue eyes?

    • Answer: a cat with white hair and blue eyes may be deaf.
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    What are cats unable to taste?

    • Answer: cats are unable to taste sweetness.
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    What does it mean when your cat gives you a slow wink?

    • Answer: it shows trust and contentment.
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    Does a cat find direct eye contact threatening?

    • Eye contact as such is fine, staring isn't. And that is not the same. Cats know that we look into the eyes without meaning to threaten anyone.
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    What other place do cats have whiskers, other than their heads?

    • Answer: The back of their front legs.
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