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3 Movies with Love Games You Might Be Interested in

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 What kind of movie is the most interesting one? Different people may have various views. Some like comedy, some enjoy romantic stories, and some detective stories. Here, films with bets are recommended to you. The reason why these movies are so interesting lies in the unexpected plots that audiences can’t imagine. The ending always comes out of your expectation. They are listed below.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days(2003)

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is a typical romantic film that depicts a love story starting with a bet. The female protagonist is a columnist for a well-known magazine, mainly writing articles on “How to…”, and then improvised to write “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” because her friend was abandoned, so she wanted to find a man, fall in love, and then dump him. The male protagonist needed to endorse an advertisement for a diamond accessory, but the advertisement had already been given to a pair of female producers from the same company. The male protagonist was not satisfied, so he bet with the female producer that he could make a woman fall in love with him in ten days. The female producer saw the female protagonist and learned about the article she was writing, so she paired up with the happy couple. Finally, they get together happily. The film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is quite attractive and deserves your time to enjoy it.

Cruel Intentions(1999)

It is a typical campus youth comedy. The male protagonist is a playboy who enjoys owning women and satisfies his vanity; His sister is also a bad girl who specializes in seducing men to achieve her goals. Two people bet on the male lead’s next goal. If the male lead falls in love with this girl, the younger sister (reorganizes the family, not the siblings) will let the older brother have sex with the girl as he likes. If the older brother fails, the older brother’s car will belong to the younger sister.

As a result, the older brother used all his tricks and worked hard to win the heart of this goal, only to find out that he had fallen in love with her. This bet was meaningless to him. Although he initially refused the target in person due to his care about face, in the end, he still regained the target female’s heart and paid the price of his life. Finally, his sister’s bad behavior was exposed. No amount of cunning and intrigue can defeat true love. You can only bow down and submit to it when you fall into it.

The Hustle(2019)

Being a person has weaknesses, and weaknesses are easily exploited. Especially those who think they are right often get entirely deceived. In the film, two scammers, one fat and one thin, rely on their respective understanding of human nature and repeatedly succeed in deceiving. Thin scammers are gang criminals who often use men’s lust and bravado to obtain vast amounts of money. Fat fraudsters disguise themselves as victims and use male weaknesses to engage in small scams.

When two people meet, from cooperation to competition, especially when thin scammers cheat on marriage and then use a series of scams where fat scammers escape, even jokingly. Ultimately, the two chose a seemingly honest IT man to commit fraud to compete for resources. As a result, the IT man disguised himself as a pig and ate a tiger, deceiving both of them with one stone and two birds. The reversal is fascinating. Ultimately, the three of them collaborated and began to deceive the world.

The above three movies all contain love games. You can watch them check whether the end is like your imagined.

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